Welcome to BeiTe labrador kennels, the kennel is located in historical and cultural city of nanchang; History, nanchang has a "head chu, wu yue door fujian division" of the event, the transportation is convenient. We tour of labrador retrievers from the first to know to love and set out to plan to set up kennel. Labrador is a large dogs, natural gentle personality and lively, not aggression and IQ is high, is suitable for was chosen for guide dog or other working dog dog breeds, also is a very good companion dog. We are committed to purebred breeding and promotion, we aim to produce excellent, conforms to the breed standard, constantly improve quality tour labrador retriever. Keep communication with domestic and foreign famous dog party, study and communication. Also there are many places in the study; In order to achieve a more professional concept, we are constantly introduced from home and abroad excellent kinds of dogs. From kennel set up early to now, we have always insisted on the breeding of high quality level the labrador, at the same time, we are constantly learning and improve their understanding of labrador retriever kinds of standard and learning. In the future, we will continue to improve population quality, so as to fill our shortcomings, determined to build China's top quality breeding level. We in line with the principle of 'caring service, the good faith management, to serve more people in the dog. At the same time welcome enthusiasts field investigation, communication.